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Living life as it happens through our senses allows us to stay in the moment and out of this be aware of how we are at any time. Being aware is a raw experience free from interpretation, excuses, justification and analysis. I find the most helpful way to be aware is to simply describe my feelings. After a short meditation I might take a journey around my body and be aware of how I feel. Here I can explore whether anywhere feels hot or cold, resting or energised, relaxed or ready. As I do this I can connect with my body and be aware.

Similarly I might explore the way my mind is. I can ask whether my mind feels fast or slow, if I have many thoughts or few, how easy it is to focus, can I meditate easily, is my imagination running wild?

I also like to engage with my emotions and describe them. I might use common words like happy, sad, loving, frustrated, calm, peaceful, anxious, content. I can also describe emotions in terms of colours, shapes and feelings like, light, heavy, warm, cosy, fiery, thin, soft.

However I do it, the process helps me to connect to my inner self and out of this be more aware of myself. By being more aware of my self I feel I can better connect to my real experience of life rather than live out of various concepts and ideologies. For me this feeds my intuition and helps me to act with wisdom.

In addition to being more aware of myself I can be aware of everything I connect with through my senses. All around us we have the opportunity to connect, engage and be aware. It comes from within and it is up to us to create the interest.

For example I can pick up a pencil, close my eyes and just feel the pencil with my fingers for a while. I can be absorbed in the feeling of the curves, edges, textures, ridges. After a while I can open my eyes and study my pencil. I can find the shapes interesting, I can turn the pencil to the light and observe the reflections, I can wonder why it has taken the shape it has and ask questions.

I can make drinking a cup of tea a meditation by watching the steam rise and mix with the air in the room, feeling the cup, smelling the tea and then tasting it. I can feel where the tea goes in my body. Through this experience I can exercise and develop my senses.

If I can choose to find a pencil fascinating, I can also find a leaf, twig, stone, petal or root engaging. My awareness of everything around me could increase through my choice to connect and engage. If I reach a point where I find an old tin can extraordinary then imagine how interesting another person can be to me. All this time I can describe rather than judge. Whilst I am absorbed and engaged I cannot be stressed, upset, depressed, angry or experiencing any emotions that are brought about through letting my mind run through various self made scenarios.

Sometimes I am amazed to be sitting with someone who is either the result of millions of years of evolution, or create by God in his image. Here I am with someone who has evolved from a fertilised egg to an incredible adult with a fascinating life history. In this moment I find it easier to connect with the person, soul to soul, rather than get caught up in assumptions, judgments or comparisons.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2009