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It is interesting to explore how connected we all are. The water inside our bodies is made up of particles that could have passed through oceans, clouds, stream, rivers and ponds. Those same particles may have been through plants, all kinds of creatures and other people.

Similarly the air that enters our lungs and the particles that form part of our blood may have been through plants, animals and people. Our boundaries may be much more permeable than we think.

Just in terms of the water and oxygen in our bodies we are connected. We are constantly exchanging particles with the world we inhabit. We also absorb photons from the sun and potentially from distant stars. In addition the food we eat further connects us to plants, fish and animals.

Where this becomes really interesting is that it is possible that these particles carry some kind of information or imprint with them. What if the water and air entering your body brought with it some kind of imprint of the places it had been and through connecting with the particles washing through us we could pick up on those imprints? Is it possible that photons from the sun and stars can provide us with information that is light years away?

Could this connection explain why a shoal of fish all turn at exactly the same time?

If any of this is real how would we access the information? I suspect that we all have a background hum that is made up of this constant flow of imprints through us. However it is only when we are quiet that we begin to access some of it.

It is very easy to fill our lives up with so much noise, clutter, business, drama and urgency that we may never hear those subtle imprints moving through us.

Perhaps we need periods of nothingness to feel connected and hear the messages from our universe.

Next time you drink a cup of water take a moment to silently appreciate all the places it might have come from and the imprints it carries into your body. You might enjoy filling a glass bowl with water, placing it in a sunny spot and meditating on where that water has come from.

We could also ask ourselves what kind of imprints are we imparting into the water and air that leaves our bodies. Are we sending imprints of anger, stress and fear out into the world or are we communicating love, appreciation and joy through the particles that leave our bodies?

I sense I come closest to feeling that connection when I am out in nature and enjoying a period of internal silence. This might come through meditation, mindfulness or just being absorbed in feeling connected. When it happens it is a loving feeling. We might think of love as being emotionally connected to another person, however, it might also be possible to feel love out of simply being connected.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2011