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Welcome to Connection Therapy. Here you can read about what this therapy is, how it works and why you might choose to use it.

Connection Therapy explores various ways we can make connections that keep us engaged with ourselves, life and people. These connections encourage us to live life as it happens, free from unnecessary distraction and able to best enjoy the quality of life.

The most powerful connection we can make is to our soul. We can achieve this through meditation and support this connection by being aware of the foods we eat, experiencing different forms of healing, and making changes to our lifestyle.

Connection Therapy is free from prescribing anything, imposing any kind of ideology or getting caught up in rules and regulations. It is a gentle, loving way to bring about powerful changes and out of those changes be open to our own discoveries, revelations and insights. Connection Therapy helps build the resources to live your own life to the full.

We our based in London NW3 and will do our best to help you make the connections that can help you discover your true authentic self and create a new life guided from within.

Text Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2009

All photographs by Simon, Dragana, Christopher, Alexander, Nicholas and Michael Brown


Connection therapy focuses on making vital connections to our soul, each other and the world around us. more

Connection therapy works by letting go of the various illusions that can hold us in an unhappy or unhealthy state and creating a new self based on our true experience of life. more

Healing, relationships, therapy, massage, natural food therapy, meditation, lifestyle and chakrapuncture. more