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We tend to assume that love comes from loving somebody or another person loving us. Even when we think of self love it can be about qualities we have. We might love the way we look, love our intelligence, love our ability to succeed and so on. Perhaps love is also just a feeling. Is it possible that we can simply feel love for no particular reason? It may be that all we have to do is connect to our soul to access a wealth of love,

Once we learn how to experience love we can cultivate a general loving state. Coming out of a meditation workshop recently I heard a teenager describe everyone as, 'loved up', to his friend. It is possible to become a genuinely loving person. In this state our interactions can come out of love and every action can be carried out from a feeling of love. When we engage with our world in this way it feels different to us and we appear differently to our world. Our connections to everything else become altered and out of this altered state new possibilities emerge.

To access love I find it helps to calm my mind as far as possible. I use a simple meditation I learnt from Serge Benhayon. To begin I start conciously initiating each breath. I choose when to breathe in and when to breath out. Then I lose myself in feeling each breath. The easiest is to focus on the air passing through my nose. As I breath in, my nose feels cooler and as I breath out, warmer. Next I make each in breath a concious, gentle, self loving act. As I breathe in, I am feeding myself with oxygen and I can choose to nourish myself in a gentle loving way. After a while, I feel peaceful and contented. If I do several meditations I begin to feel a general sense of love wash through me.

I have found I can also exerience the feeling of love when walking and being concious of every step, when I am healing, or at any time i am totally engaged in what I am doing. I like to start my day with a loving meditation and see if I can keep dipping back into that loving state throughout the day. Everynow and again events jolt me out of this state and I can fall back into old emotional patterns or thoughts that keep me in certain emotional states. When this happens I try to be understanding and kind to myself. By accepting my human nature I find it easier to return to the feelings I enjoy.

When love becomes a choice it is hard not to choose that loving state.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2009