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Is it possible that with every action we leave an imprint? This question explored by Buddhists and Taoists as part of a journey to discover our relationships with the world we inhabit.

The idea is to be aware of how we do things and discover whether through doing things with a different intention and emotion we leave different energetic imprints behind.

Does the way we care for our clothes, homes or possessions leave imprints that ultimately help us feel different when we interact with them again later?

Could it be that we relate to people differently depending on the imprints that have accumulated through our interactions? Would being gentle, kind, considerate and loving to someone leave imprints that encourage that person to feel different and out of that relate to us differently? Does the way we buy, handle and prepare food leave an imprint that we assimilate when we eat them? Can we create a loving home by being loving in it?

A beautiful morning meditation to begin the day with is to consciously start and feel each breath. We might be aware of the cooler air entering our nose and the warmer air leaving. After a while we might feel the tip of our nose feeling cooler with each in breath and warmer with each out breath.

Once we feel calm, peaceful and connected we can consider how we want to be in our interactions during the day. How do we want to connect to our world? What kind of imprints do we want to impart? Can we connect with a feeling of love? We might imagine how we would feel, we could visualise how we would act in different situations, we could hear the sound of our voice in our interactions and the intention it carries.

As time passes we can reflect on how we change and how our perception of life evolves through an awareness of the imprints we plant on our journey through life.

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2010