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There is a very special place where incredible magic happens. It is so amazing that much of the magic is beyond our imaginations.

When we bring together science, religion, meta-physics, philosophy and spirituality a possibility emerges. Humans are a point in space where extraordinary magic happens. The magic being that the universe flows through this point, where incredible transformations happen. That point in space is you and me, because each of us represents the whole universe, as it passes through us. At the same time energy and matter flow from us back into the universe, so that a little part of who we are colours the cosmos.

Biological and Chemical Transformations

We are an incredible place of atomic transformation. With every breathe we take in oxygen and combined with calories from the carbohydrates in our food create heat, movement and fuel for our organs.

A long list of nutrients enter our bodies and combine to build and maintain our physical bodies through amazing molecular transformations, which also provide a medium through which we think, interact and experience emotions.

Air, Food and Water

Particles from the air, food and water constantly flow through us connecting us with the rest of our planet. With each breath we take in air particles that could have come from anywhere on our planet and been through any living creature or vegetable that breathes.

Similarly the water particles in our food and drinks could have come from any place on this planet and been through any living thing. For a while they reside inside us, before moving on to another place.


Light, or photons, from the sun and stars enter our bodies through our skin. If we can see a star, we are absorbing photons from that star. Light fills us with a universal energy.


Various forms of solar and cosmic radiation pass through us all the time. Scientists consider them to be a frequency that flows through the empty spaces between the particles that currently make up our bodies. The higher we are on the earth’s surface, such as Tibet, the stronger they become. We experience them most strongly flying over the north or south pole.

Magnetic Fields

It is thought that migrating creatures sense the earth’s magnetic field to create a sense of direction. New emerging research suggests that humans also have this ability. As magnetic fields pass through us, we interact with those fields.

Observation and Expression

We observe our world and experience it through our senses. We take in our universe and process it through our minds, creating our unique perceptions. We also have the ability to creatively express those perceptions and feed our experiences back into society. This typically takes the form of dance, writing, art, poetry, music, stories, film, sculpture, design and crafts. We share our expression of the universe with each other.

Thought Transfer

We can take various people’s ideas, principles, philosophies, methods and opinions and then present our own thoughts, essentially passing ideas from one mind to another. Ways of thinking can reside in a community or tribe, before interacting with our groups and spreading out. Widely accepted ideas come and go. Sometimes ideas find a mass consciousness for a time.


Humans are naturally prone to teaching, education and coaching. We like to share our skills, knowledge and experience, helping the next generation exceed our abilities. We shape the next generation through parenting, teaching and guidance.


We love to be loved and able to share our love. Love appears as an emotional energy passing from one person to another. We can sense with our hearts and pick up feelings that are beyond the language of our minds.


So here we are intrinsically connected in a giant dynamic web, with all of the above and so much more flowing through us. Whether another person, creature, plant, body of water, they flow through us and we flow through them in many different forms. As we are part of such a dynamic process, we might ask the question; are we really an individual? If we are part of something so much bigger, are feelings of loneliness, disconnection or self, an illusion? Does emotional suffering stem from our intelligent minds swapping connection for individuality and self?

At the same time we have a unique perspective on our experience of life, as we are in different parts of the universe. We may process these connections differently. Yes, how much do we want to focus on how we are different, and how connected do we want to feel? How does our relationship with our world change if we feel more or less connected?

Inevitably we are a reflection of the universe, if you like, created by God in his or her own image. Each of us is an incredible representation of the beauty of our universe. Having been created out of our universe we will one day dissolve back into it. Do we fear death?

So one way of perceiving ourselves is that we are a temporary place where all these miraculous events take place.

Perhaps our enjoyment of living comes from relishing these connections. By exploring each possible connection we can raise our sensitivity and awareness of them. Ultimately our curiosity can lead us to be fascinated, amazed and inspired by the wonder of all these possibilities.

The real magic is that it is all still such a mystery. There is so much we do not know, so much to discover. Perhaps that is the enjoyment of living; an open, engaged, enquiring mind, serving a loving heart?

Copyright Simon Brown, London, 2012